Puncture Protection

Tannus Armour eliminates 90% of all punctures due to its reinforced sidewall and underside protection.

Increased Grip

Run at lower pressures for increased grip in wet conditions and loose rock.

Increased Comfort

Tannus Armour absorbs vibrations for a smoother, more comfortable ride.

Fast Rolling

Engineered to minimise rolling-resistance (drag), Tannus Armour provides the ultimate balance of speed and protection.

Easy Installation

Installing Tannus Armour is as quick and easy as installing a regular tire and is maintenance free.


If you do get a flat tire, you can still ride for a limited period at up to 10km/h without damaging your wheel.

Professional dh racer

Luca Cometti

"The added suspension damping is the best I have experienced out of any tire insert and is a noticeable difference on all trails. It is also the easiest tire insert to put on--I can install my downhill tires without any levers and it generally takes me less than 5 minutes."

bellingham hero

Kelend Hawks

"Lap one was unreal -- so much traction. My first run I was running 10 psi front and rear but it was a little too slow off jumps so I went up to 20 in the rear and they feel crazy good."

big jump specialist

Jaxon Riddle

"I'm not worried about destroying my wheels because these things make impacts softer."

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